Please only continue with using our service if you agree to our terms and conditions – thank you.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure that all content supplied, including logo, text and images should not infringe any copyright law and be legal and not misinform, harm or invoke hate or discrimination. The client accepts all responsibility for the website content. This service does not include the design or supply of any logo, artwork or stock imagery. All content must be supplied by the customer in a valid digital, Windows compatible format. For example, by using our online forms or within the body of an email or Word document. Images must be supplied as original jpeg, PNG or GIF files. We cannot extract content from un-editable documents such as scans or PDF documents etc.

A limit of 400 words and 8 images is imposed on each webpage. We will notify you by email if your content exceeds this.

This is not a bespoke website design service. We will apply your content to a professionally designed, pre-built template and make it live on the web by uploading your new website to your preferred choice of hosting. This may either be with your own hosting provider, so long as it is compatible with ‘Wordpress’ (most will be, but click here for current requirements) or we can provide a basic hosting package suitable for your website which is free for the first year, then renewable each year at a cost of £60. If no hosting preference is provided, we defer to providing free hosting for a period of 12 months from payment. If using your own hosting package, we will require access to the hosting control panel. Please note you will require a domain name to use with the website which we do not supply. We will need access to your domain name DNS settings in order to make the website live. Please remember that to keep your website live and / or saved for future use, you must renew your domain and hosting with the applicable provider when due. Failure to renew your domain and hosting services may result in your website being lost and not recoverable. We may adapt the layout and format your content as part of the design process to best suit the page, including cropping and re-sizing images where applicable. However, specific requests from the customer to alter the website format and theme other than those mentioned cannot be accepted as part of this service. Editable elements include the logo, text, contact details, social media links, images, main body text font, header text font and colours. This service includes the use of pre-developed and open-source software and no rights of ownership of the website source or licence for website coding, theme, software or any associated features are extended to the customer. If future changes to the website are required other than those undertaken by within any inclusive support, then the customer may be required to purchase their own support or license direct from the applicable developer or software company.

Minor changes to your content may be made at no extra cost within the first 7 days of completion. Any requests to update website content after this time may be subject to a service fee. will provide 6 months inclusive support for any technical issues relating to the original design of the website. Inclusive support will be invalid for any issues relating to access or changes made directly by the customer or any third party outside our control. For all support other than that included, a service fee may be imposed. While we will endeavour to resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible; please be advised can accept no liability for any loss of service or malicious attack on your website. If your website is hosted elsewhere, we advise you to ensure you have regular back ups and check your website daily to ensure normal operation. Websites with hosting managed by are typically backed up each day, with each back up kept for 7 days.

Your payment is taken as your authorisation to proceed with setting up your new website as above. Website content must be supplied within 30 days of payment. The service shall be considered complete if no content has been received within 30 days or no amendments are provided within 7 days of preview. Given the bespoke nature of this service, payments are non-refundable.